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Main Deity:
Solha Bhuji (Durga)
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Year Established:
1300 CE
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Dewri Mandir is a mandir situated in Diuri village, Tamar near Ranchi in Jharkhand in India. It is located near the Tata-Ranchi Highway (NH33). The main attraction of this ancient mandir is, 700 year old murti of the Goddess Durga, Kali. The murti have 16 hands (Normally Goddess Durga has 8 Hands). It is an ancient Mandir and it was renovated few years back. This temple is also known as, Mata Dewri Diri in tribal Bhumij Munda languages. Dedicated to Solha Bhuji Goddess, an avatar of Goddess Durga, Dewri Mandir temple is located a little outside the main city of Ranchi. Spread over nearly two acres, this old temple in Ranchi also houses an idol of Lord Shiva here.


It is believed that the temple is associated with The Pandavas & Emperor Ashoka. It is said that this temple was established around 1300 AD by Munda Raja Kera of Singhbhum while returning to war after being defeated. It is believed that the goddess had ordered King Kera to establish the temple in a dream, the king regained his kingdom as soon as the temple had constructed. Ever since the deity is worshipped here. As per the Legends, whoever has tried to alter the structure of this temple, has had to face the wrath of the gods and suffer consequences.

Architecture Details

It is said that this Mandir was built during 10th to 12th century. The ancient mandir was constructed by interlocking stones without using chalk or binding material. The doors of this Mandir is made up of stone. This Mandir's deity's Murti have sixteen hands. According to the media reports this Mandir's murti's architecture style is similar to the murti's found in temples of Odisha state.
The new Kalinga style big temple is recently constructed having colorful artistic images of deities by enclosing the original temple.


At the temple devotees tie yellow and red sacred threads on bamboo for the fulfilment of their wishes. Upon the fulfillment of their wishes, they again come to the temple and untie the thread. Dewri Temple is also believed to be the only temple where six tribal priests, known as Pahans, perform rituals and offer prayers alongside the Brahmin priests, who are mainly known as Pandas.

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