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At Sanātana Yatri, we have a mission to offer a one–stop–shop for easy access and sharing of information about temples. This is a platform where information is created by the people and for the people of Sanātana Dharma.

A significant portion of Sanātana Dharma temples do not have an online presence even in this age of the information. This platform helps such under represented temples by giving them a presence on the internet. We want to unite all temples and their devotees under the Sanātana faith across the world for better collaboration and improved unity. One of the main reasons why Sanātana Dharma survived the last 2000 years of external influence is because of the decentralized architecture of our Dharma. Changing times call for innovative ideas to sustain, flourish and coexist in the most peaceful way.

On a mission to be the world’s largest and most comprehensive listing directory for Hindu temples


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